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Chef Anna

Chiqui Chef provides personal chef services and catering that provides customized menus to fit your dietary needs and your favorite cuisines. We also customize desserts and offer in-person and online cooking classes.

Chiqui Chef is based on Chef Anna’s lifelong nickname. 'Chiqui' `{`chee-kee`}` is short for chiquita (little one, in Spanish), she earned this nickname not only for being petite but also because it flowed easily with her name, Anna 'Chiquita Banana'.

Whether she’s whipping up Chicken Marsala for a person she loves, discussing how a drizzle of truffle oil can raise a filet mignon to stardom, being mesmerized by the gorgeous fresh produce at the local food market, or doing the happy dance when she hears the “hmms” and “ahhs” as people take their first bite of a dish she put her heart and soul in- it is all absolute joy to her!

Chef Anna grew up being comforted by the sounds and aromas of her father’s busy family run Italian restaurant, located 45 minutes north of New York City. Having worked in both the front and back of house (restaurant) she understands and values hard work, serving delicious meals and superb customer service.

Chef Anna earned her bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Manhattanville College and her master’s degree in Higher Education from Teacher’s College, Columbia University. She earned her Personal Chef Degree from the Culinary Business School and completed the Culinary Training Certificate Program at L’Academie de Cuisine.

Chef Anna has had the pleasure of working with other professional chefs on a variety of cooking classes and private events at L’Academie de Cuisine. She was also a long time instructor at the Cooking School of Sur La Table, in the DC Metro area.

Chef Anna is a member of the United States Personal Chef Association, the Capitol Chefs Chapter, and Women Chefs and Restauranteurs Associations. She is food safety certified and fully insured.

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