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Personal Chef


Personal Chef

Chiqui Chef prepares quality meals for all tastes and dietary restrictions.

We’re here to alleviate the stress of finding recipes, going grocery shopping, preparing the food and cooking a whole meal after a long day of juggling your busy schedule. Also, if there is a recipe that is near and dear to your heart- i.e. grandma’s sauce, Chiqui Chef will take on the challenge!

Ready to have delicious homemade meals cooked for you and start personal chef services? Complete the Food Questionnaire and Equipment Checklist. This will help Chef Anna determine your dietary needs, food aversions, restrictions and preferences.

Once we’ve received the completed questionnaire we’ll contact you to schedule a client assessment to review your food preferences, discuss how many meals you’d like, and how frequently.

Services includes: assessment, recipe research, meal planning, grocery shopping, preparation of meals, packaging and labeling, kitchen clean up, providing a printed menu with heating instructions, transportation and the cost of basic pantry items such as dried herbs, spices, sugar and flour.

A standard service (5 entrees, 4 portions of each) begins at $375, plus the cost of groceries. The service can be adjusted to meet your needs by increasing or decreasing the numbers of meals and portions accordingly.


5-7 days prior to your cooking day you’ll receive an email confirming your cooking date, the menu and a list of ingredients that are needed to prepare your meals. The chef will shop for your ingredients, if you have some on hand that the chef can use, this is great! It will help reduce the grocery expenses.

The meals will be prepared in your home and left in your refrigerator clearly labeled and packaged. A printed menu will be left on the counter with detailed heating instructions.

Have Us Cook Your Meals, So You Have More Time To Take Care of Your Life

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